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Bell Helicopter 206L-1 LR to RR 250-C30P Engine

With FAA approved STC #SH296NM from Air Services Int’l., LLC (ASI), Bell Helicopter Textron 206L-1 LongRangers can upgrade from the stock Rolls-Royce 250-C28 engine to the more powerful 250-C30P - gaining improved performance and reliability.

The Benefits

More Power For Your Mission

Replace the 206L-1 stock 500 S.H.P. 250-C28 engine with a 650 S.H.P.* 250-C30P engine for increased performance and reliability
* Derated for reliability and safety to 370 S.H.P. continuous and 435 S.H.P for take-off.

Improved Hot & Height Performance

Enhance 206L-1 performance in hot weather and/or high altitudes.
Example: At 7,000 ft pressure altitude and 30 degrees Celsius, a 206L-1 with a 250-C30P will hover out of ground effect 510 lbs. heavier than a standard 206L-1.

Improved Tail Rotor Authority

Gain an additional four (4) degrees more pitch angle, allowing improved tail rotor authority.
Eliminate 250-C28 T.O.T. Problems:
T.O.T. fluctuation problems with the 250-C28 thermal switch are eliminated.

Increased Bleed Air

The 250-C30P engine provides a significant increase in bleed air, allowing the use of various options such as an engine control unit (ECU) without the usual loss in performance associated with the 250-C28 installation.
Example: A 206L-1 LongRanger with a 250-C30P engine will hover out of ground effect at 8,000 ft. and 0 degrees C with snow deflectors installed, with 715 lbs, more than a standard 206L-1.

Option - Particle Separator Upgrade

An optional upgrade with STC 296NM allows the use of a Jet Ranger style (swirl tube) particle separator, providing improved air filtration efficiency. A switch is available to run off the bleed air particle separator purge system. This returns approximately 15 Degrees T.O.T. for high and/or hot takeoffs and landings.